Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up in Marina Cay; we made pancakes, they were awesome! We then drew and painted together; it was super relaxing! Afterward, the staff got back from a meeting, and we got ready to sail. Today we practiced man overboard drills, using a fender named Billy. It was ridiculous how much Billy fell in, what a clumsy dude lol. We missed him a couple of times, but everybody passed the MOB practice. The MOB practice was super loud and crazy, we yelled and joked a lot, it was a lot of fun! Halfway through we stopped and ate quesadillas for lunch, we ate a lot of hot sauce, red sauces in general. We are now in Muskmelon Bay. We have showered and ate dinner. For dinner we ate chili and rice, it was great! We sat around for a little and chatted, and then we squeezed. Tonight’s squeeze question was what is your spirit animal and why. I would be a bunny because I’m small and can be fast when I need to. Everybody had cool, and meaningful answers like Justin said he would be a shark because he eats everything, and Taryn said she’d be a wolf because they stick with family, but know how to be independent. I’m going to share an experience I had now. Today I found a bee on the deck, she had lost her stinger and somehow found herself aboard San Souci. I held her in my hand and shielded her from the wind and watched her final moments. When she passed it broke my heart because it reminded me of the limited time we have in this life, you never know when or how it’s going to end. Life is so delicate, but it’s so special and beautiful. If you are reading this, I want to remind you that you are special and that you are loved. You can live life like you will never die (quote from Nikos Kazahtzakis, it’s really good). Anyways, I’m off to get ready for the rest of the night, this is June signing out, we all miss and love you guys. Good night friends and family.