Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We started the day with a slow wake up and cereal. As soon as breakfast was over, we began the exciting activities for the day. To start, we separated into groups of three and wakeboarded, waterskied, and kneeboarded. As always on rotation days, it was so much fun with gorgeous views. We then practiced tying knots on the boat with Henry, which was difficult for the beginners but interesting to try something new. We continued the day with some time to relax on the beach and windsurf with our friends and shipmates. And if these activities weren’t enough fun, we had the chance to snorkel in the mangroves which was amazing! We saw many small and colorful fish, including a baby barracuda and a jellyfish. To finish the day we chilled out and watched a film about coral reef and the pollution of the oceans all over the world. It was very interesting and we were able to learn so many new things about water. Rotation days are always the best and include a day full of exciting new activities. I had a blast today and I am ready to see what tomorrow brings!