Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Due to stormy night, those of us on deck have very little time to get some solid sleep time. At an early 6 am, we pulled away from Savannah Bay off Virgin Gorda. By 6:45 am we arrived and moored at The Baths. The boat had a good time exploring the Baths and finding the jumping rock as well as some private beaches and calm pools. We departed from the Baths around 10 am and headed over to Spanishtown. After tidying our cabins, we received spending money and our phones. We called home and proceeded to head into the town. All of Side A went. Most of us took the time to connect with friends back home, as well as getting a restaurant meal in our system. After we ate, we wandered through a few shops. Some of us got ice cream and smoothies. The weather was very cooperative while we were in Spanishtown. Around 2 pm we headed out of Spanishtown and began a short two hour trip to Vixen Point on Prickly Pear Island. The trip had heavy rain and wind gusts. We were able to utilize the reef in our mainsail to lower the amount of wind allowed into the sail by lowering the sail size. We settled into the bay and had a great dinner. We wrapped up just in time to catch a beautiful sunset. Dishes, conversation, sail chats wrapped up our fifth day at sea with ActionQuest!