Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we stayed in Savanna Bay and did rotations. Our first rotation was windsurfing. It was a really cool experience. Two of the boards broke so we got to take the sails off and then play with them in the water for a long time. We did all windsurf though so it was all good. Our next station was dink driving and waterskiing, and we all went over to Joie de Vivre to wait for our turn. I didn’t get to go boarding but I did get to drive the dinghy. It was really fun. I think the funniest part of the day came during the time when me, Avice, and Noah were playing hot potato with a bottle of sunscreen and we threw it overboard not once but two times! And then we had to retrieve it. After the second rotation we had lunch. After lunch we went on a dive. The Vegas had a confined dive and the Barracudas went on a dive in the sand and saw a fish that was like three feet long! And that pretty much sums it up to now where I sit waiting for dinner and listening to the Beatles.