Location: BVI

Today the Grand Cru did not move from Savanna Bay. Today’s weather was partly cloudy with a few light showers. All the dive groups split up today. Dolphins went to the beach, Neptunes went scuba diving, and Rescue divers did rescue practice. The rest of the divers and I went for a dive before lunch and then the two other rescue divers, and I stayed on the main Rescue boat, Panassea, for lunch. After lunch, we did some in water rescue practice. Many of the other boats were doing other water sports by the beach like windsurfing, pico boating, and some people were even playing chicken on the shore. Dolphins went hiking to the top of the island we are at. They were studying the windward and leeward sides of the island. Everybody went back to their boats for dinner. Later today rescue divers have another lesson. As I’m writing this it smells like rice pudding, people are playing cards at the table, chefs are chefing, and the staff is maintaining things. The sun is soon to set. Tomorrow morning we have a super soap cleanse shower, and we’re heading to the Baths!