Location: Marina Cay

Today we were allowed to sleep until 7:15. We woke up to the smell of pancakes made by our chefs Mathilde and Nick. Anna told us that our plan today was to practice new sailing techniques which were sailing circles, tacking and jibing, and man overboard drills. Our friend Jamie from Ocean Star had spent the night on our boat. For lunch we had tuna sandwiches and PB+Js. After our delicious meal we went swimming off our stern. During our swim break we dove and did cannon balls. Cooper and Jay told us it was time to dry off, then Cooper showed us how to practice man overboard drills. The fender ended up getting caught under our boat and Jay swam to get it. After all of that chaos we sailed to Scrub Island to fill up on water. We began our Hibiclens showers, then moored in Marina Cay. Our chefs prepared tortellini for dinner.