Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we slept in, it was great. Some people had a hard time getting up, so I had to get them up another way, and in my opinion, it was very successful. We had some very good eggs and muffins for breakfast, and we soon set off. Well, that was after a staff meeting. We couldn’t go before they got back, but we had a pretty good time blasting some tunes after searching for an AUX cable for 30 minutes. Anyway, after we set out, we practiced several maneuvers. Such as sailing circles and MOB (man overboard) drills. Then we went to shore for lunch and to stock up on snacks. After lunch, we motored to a cove where we would spend the night. Before dinner, we went swimming and swung on ropes from the boom of the boat. It was the coolest of days.