Location: Brewer's Bay

Today was truly an amazing day! Luckily for me, I’m skipper. The morning started with Heather and Bella waking wonderful Sephena and I up in the cabin. Of course me being the person I am being very lazy didn’t wake up right away. As soon as I realized I should get up, I raced upstairs to get breakfast and I was greeted by yogurt and bagels for breakfast. After that, we all got ready to go to an island to clean up this abandoned house with everyone in Action Quest and Go Beyond. I had a great time doing it, as usual Ethan and Ben never fail to make me laugh. Overall I got to meet some great people and hang with friends from different boats. While we were cleaning up the highlights were dirt ending up all over me while attempting to put this sheet of random stuff into the dumpster. Another thing was seeing how everything was so different at the end of the clean up and Ben giving me piggyback rides on the way back to the dinghies. When we got to our boat we took Hibby showers then went on a fun dive. All the Neptunes stuck together. Throughout this trip everyone knew how much I wanted to see a shark. With my luck I ended up not seeing one, but two sharks. During the dive I did something very smart and lost my dive group. Luckily, Abby found me just in time before I would have started to ascend to the surface. Next we dried off and had to go to a lecture on another boat called Changes In Latitude. On our way we discovered something quite amazing, its called a bait ball (or pool of fish). All of the people on our boat and some other people were diving in to see it, including me. Today was truly a great day and the last two summers of Action Quest have been the most amazing ones. You truly meet amazing people.