Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We first started our day at 6:45 am and then around 7, we had breakfast burritos which were good. At 9:30, all of the Dolphins went over to Luna Kahuna, and the Neptunes all went to Happy Our to dive the Fearless wreck. The Dolphins went on their first research dive of the session which was a benthic survey. After we finished the dive, we had a starfish dissection, and it was really fun and interesting. When we all got back to our boats, we ate grilled cheese. Then we played some good music and cleaned up. After the Neptunes went to Pure Joy for an equipment lecture, while the Dolphins worked on our project proposals and our marine biology quiz. We went swimming after and saw four barracudas right under the boat. Then we started making dinner, playing music and dancing. When dinner was ready, we ate and watched an amazing sunset. After dinner and clean up, we watched Peter Pan and went to bed.