Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Our day got off to an early start with wake up at 6:15 and a breakfast of oatmeal at 6:30. We then motored over to the dive site which was a wreck called the RMS Rhone. We got our gear together then went down to explore the wreck. The dive was cool, especially the part when we swam through the sunken ship. We got back to the boat and then made a quick trip over to the Salt Island. We were briefed on the history of the island then hopped in the dinghy to meet the rest of dive side ashore. The short hike up to the top of the island was refreshing and good exercise to help us prepare for the long hike in a few days. Many of us took pictures together at the top before we walked back down to the dock and got picked up again. The hot soup scheduled for lunch today did not sound appetizing to any of us after the hike in the hot sun, but it ended up being pretty good! We then moved back to GHP and snorkeled the area which we would later be night diving in. We saw a flounder and a turtle. When I climbed back on board, Ben just finished killing every fly on the boat. The chefs soon began dinner while the rest of us got some chill time. After dinner, everyone got ready for the night dive. Our long day came to a close after the dive, and we all went to sleep early.