Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning, to no surprise, we woke up to some rain but it was indeed not a grey day! After a cereal breakfast, we immediately went to the shore to windsurf with Elise. Trust me, it harder than it looks! After jumping into the dinghies. We did some water sports in groups. Martin wowed us with his waterskiing and kneeboarding skills, and Will did some impressive slalom skiing as well. Lucia and I gave it our all, but it wasn’t enough. For the last activity of the rotation day, we did our first confined scuba dive in the bay with Kayleigh. We stayed at the beach and met some new friends from other boats. Back on board, we found ourselves to be a bit sunburned. We may need another day. Right now Lucia and I are sitting on my perfectly woven Flemish coil watching the sunset. The whole boat is listening to some great music while chefs make dinner. Hopefully, tomorrow will be another beautiful, sunny day. And hopefully, Lucia and I will get the chance to sing some more show tunes.