Location: Statia

Today we started in Saba and sailed to the Statia, which took about 6 hours after starting out at 7 am. The wind direction was from the northwest which forced us to tack our way to the our final destination. Upon arrival, we saw that Statia was a major refueling station for massive cargo ships on their way to the Panama Canal. Unfortunately Statia’s town was not as large as Saba, therefore we found it difficult to find an open food vendor and wondered the town for a about 40 minutes. We decided to upon the “Cool corner” for our Chinese food of the day. After finishing our lunch, we realized that we were out of time and went back to the boat. Once we got back to the boat we decided to go for a swim, Neil ate water after deciding to attempt some back-flips off the dingy leaving the crew in hysterics. We then finished off the evening with tacos and Powerade and a nice long sail chat.