Location: Saba

So today, we swam across the ocean to get to Saba. Once we were on land, there was a staircase that literally lasted for 2 hours. Ruth took the shortcut and rode the dingy to the other side of the island. After we summited the stairs, we walked through this town that had stray goats wandering down the streets. Once we got through the town, we walked on this rugged trail where we met a man who killed 2 of our friends (goats). When we were getting near the top, the group split and took two different paths, one being through a mud pit… ooooooops. We were in a cloudbank at the top and decided to descend from the mountain. On the way down, we collectively slipped 900,000 times. We walked downhill to a different town where we got to add back the calories we burnt off and then some. We got to stock up on our Capri Suns at the store as well as our Oreos. Fun fact: We all (9 students) went through a family pack of Oreos in 4 minutes, possibly a record. As we were crawling up the mountain, Ruth decided to go for a snorkel and saw a massive shark near the mooring ball. When we got back to the boat, we took our showers and are now getting ready for dinner…veggie burgers…yummmmm:)