Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we had a fun and relaxing day between Muskmelon Bay and Sandy Spit. Firstly we had a later (!!) wake up at 7:15 am, followed by a delicious French toast breakfast prepared by Kaylee, Ginger, and Kara. After we scarfed down breakfast, 3 duos took a sail on the Zests, soon competing in a race around another AQ boat. Although Ben and Kara won the race, McKenna and I came out on top as the best pirates, for we managed to pick up 8 chicklets, barely edging out Max and Dylan’s seven chicklets. For lunch, Ginger and Kara prepared some mac and cheese. Following lunch, McKenna and I sat under the shade of the jib as Jessie took the helm. To the end of our trip, Sophie pulled the jib back in and helped anchor the boat. Once we arrived at Sandy Spit, a beautiful sandbar about an hour from Muskmelon Bay. The amazing day ended with an incredible BBQ on Sandy Spit with the other AQ boats! Overall, it was a pretty perfect day!