Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started at 7 a.m. We woke up to some country music and a clear sky. Around 7:20, we had burritos for breakfast, cleaned up then had a sail chat. During the sail chat, we learned about navigation and the different ways you can find your way around the oceans. After that, we did some basic knot-tying skills and dinghy driving. The hardest knot to tie was the bowline knot. But I got the hang of it and taught two others how to do it. At 11:30 we had a white bean Tuscan soup for lunch to fill our stomachs before our mid-day dive. We did an abiotic identification drill where are we had to find five vertebrates’ four invertebrates and two plants. One of the vertebrates we found was called a southern stingray. Before the sunset, we took a saltwater shower and made dinner. For dinner, we ate Caesar salad and risotto. For that delicious meal, we had a guest come over. It was Mike. We had so much fun and had different conversations. Once dinner ended, we did an activity to get to know each other better. It consisted of many black and white pictures. We each had to pick three cards. One of them symbolizes a good trait you have, one that symbolizes a bad trait you want to get rid of and the final one should represent friendship. To end the day we did a night dive! My buddy Rachel and I saw a squid, eel and a huge tarpon. Sadly, five minutes into the dive, I got scratched by a fire coral but I was okay. I really enjoyed today and can’t wait for another day tomorrow.