Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Day 8 started with breakfast and our usual Ed Sheeran filled playlist. We were already rafted at a beach on Virgin Gorda. We did what is called a rotation day; which is where the boats take turns participation in a range of activities. Our boat, Squeakybrat, started by sailing miniature sailboats called Picos! I shared my Pico with Bella and after capsizing 3 times and almost running into an 80ft catamaran, we completed the race course with competence. After mastering the Picos we moved on to a 19 foot sailboat to practice our tacking and jibing. We switched off helming, working the jib sheet, and the main sheet. Our final activity was snorkeling along mangroves where we saw string rays, barracuda and huge schools of baby fish. Lara; our chef of the day put out sandwich supplies for a quick lunch. Then we were on the move. We arrived at a small port after a brief 10-minute motor. Shipmates were allowed to roam the local grocery store and gift shops and call their families for an hour. We anchored off shore for the night and all pitched in to make dinner (which was Mexican food)! After dinner, we had a scuba chat where we learned about scuba equipment and depths limits. We ended our day with squeeze (where we all hold hands and the skipper of the day asks a question and everyone answers).