Location: Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke

Today was started out with an abrupt blaring of music through the boat. It wasn’t a pleasant way to start the day but then neither is 6 am. The hike up Mount Sage was a never-ending 5 miles uphill at a ridiculously steep angle. And although I never found the lookout at the top because I took a wrong turn I hear it was worth it. Although the hike down went twice as fast it was much harder. After a crazy morning we ate burgers and ice cream before loading up onto our boat and sailing out, after Kris unclogged the 6th clogged head of session that is. We sailed into a beach for a sand castle contest that has yet to name the winner. We covered Shay in sand and built a shark around him complete with teeth biting off his lower half. That was followed with showers and getting dressed for our last BBQ. The food was great. It all ended with everyone from our boat half asleep on the pavement of the docks waiting for our dinghy to take us back home. There was also a birthday cake for Sean. Happy birthday Sean!