Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an extremely jam-packed and thrilling experience. We all arose to the sound of the anchor and motor grinding and revving. We were on our way to The Baths! The Baths consist of many huge rocks with spectacular views, areas for cliff jumping, and historical background. After having a great experience at The Baths, we headed towards Spanishtown. Once we arrived, we prepared to step foot on land for the first time in a while. We did this by getting spending money and our phones back. We ate a delicious restaurant called The Bath and Turtle. We connected to the Wi-Fi and contacted family and friends. It was great to hear family’s voices and fill each other in on what’s been going on. After a delicious lunch, we partook in some community service. Our boat helped take out a fence damaged as a result of hurricane Irma. It was special to see residents driving by smiling appreciating our hard work. It was nice to have a positive footprint and reassure that we care. We took a beautiful float over to Mountain Point. On our way, the shipmates and I had excellent bonding moments, hence the laughing and deep conversations. Once we arrived at Mountain Point, we had our first saltwater showers. Basically, we jumped in the water, soaped up, jumped in again, and finally rinsed off with a fresh water hose. It was a blast because everyone was laughing and having a good time. Overall today is definitely a day to remember as it was filled with incredible experiences such as visiting The Baths and giving back to the community.