Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was such a busy day! First, some of my shipmates and I were suddenly awakened by the rain on our hammocks! Then we ate breakfast (eggs and cantaloupe) half asleep. After that, we were dinghied over to the beach to start Zesting, windsurfing, and scuba diving! I loved Zesting and me and a shipmate only capsized once! Then we went over to scuba dive which was intense but definitely interesting. Later in the day, we kneeboarded which was so fun and we learned how to drive a dinghy which I love because my family knows I love driving! We then had lunch of PB&J and deli sandwiches and learned how to tie knots on the boat! Our din-din included some yummy pasta while we are awaiting our new shipmate! We are going to set our hammocks up in a really cool position tonight and have some dessert. We are all getting so close and tomorrow I am excited to get on land and talk to my parents! PS it is soooo pretty here! And the days are going by so fast!