Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Last night I got a lot of sleep, it was the best I have ever hard. Looking at the stars is really amazing and being on the water is a cool experience. This morning we had a rotation day where we Zested, kneeboarded, tied knots, and went scuba diving. My favorite was the knot tying because its fun to challenge yourself by tying fun knots. Scuba diving was also very fun. The first time I tried it I was not bad, but today I was a bit better. I think it was because the instructors are very informative and patient with you. It was really fun hanging out with my boat family. All of the instructors and kids are really fun to talk to and hang out with. Zesting was really fun also. My friend Lauren and I switched jobs, so it was a new and fun experience just like the first time I Zested. All of the kids and instructors on my boat are very close. All of the other boats are close as well, which I think is great, but not as close as my crew. The scenery here is the most beautiful. The sunsets, underwater, and rock formations are very intriguing. Our squeeze today was also one of the best parts. Getting to know everyone and share/talk was very fun (because I am such an introvert). I know I am not very far into my trip yet but I would definitely want to come back next year.