Location: St Barths

We started of the day with pancakes for breakfast made by the Ollies. After breakfast, we got to have some shore time to enjoy the last few hours in Gustavia. It was a ghost town with only a couple bakeries open, were we all chowed down on baguettes before another day of sailing practice. Everyone took turns at the helm as we practiced what to during a man overboard. It was amazing to be able to transfer what we learned in class to the helm. Once everyone got their turn we sailed to an anchorage. The anchorage had the bluest water that we all got to swim in and play king of the transom. Being able to swim in the water was a real treat after being in the harbor for 3 days. We ended the day with a meal called Frank and beans( rice, beans, and hotdogs) and started to settle down for the night and prepare for our big day tomorrow, as we sail back to the BVI.