Location: St. Barths

The day, for some of us, began right at the stroke of midnight. Myself, Jake, Bria, Andy, & Zach were set out to prank the other boat, Bees Chaser. We were moored in front of them, so earlier we had set out trying all our spare lines together so we could attach them to our dinghy and drift to them moored directly behind us. From there, Bria and I would keep us attached at the bow while the boys hopped out and took their bimini. The bimini is the sheet that blocks out the sun, rain, and whatever, so nabbing it before our longest passage was key. We set out as planned, leaving Ollie Downes in charge of minding the cleat that would let us drag ourselves back to the boat when we were finished, the plan was nearly perfect – up until we woke George and started pulling the lineup – it had been completely undone at the cleat. George and Wolfie interrogated us by dousing us with deckie buckets of salt water, but eventually, they found it folded up in the foxhole and we had to reassemble it before we got back to our own boat. Downes was happily asleep upon our arrival, so we all followed suit and were all asleep by 2:30. We had a recap of the night before cleaning up and heading out to do our sailing circles. We had to jibe, tack, and go through various points of sail before starting our grilled cheese lunch. By the time we’d finished cooking, we were all moored up and we ate, then cleaned as Josh set up a halyard swing. It was a great afternoon of swinging, snorkeling, tanning, and exploring the area before we showered and got underway for our longest passage yet, back to the BVI and the rest of the fleet. date: Jul 24, 2017