Location: St. Barth

This morning we woke up to our second day in paradise or as we were patiently waiting for, our beach day. We quickly devoured our oatmeal and speedily packed a sandwich for the long day ahead of us. First, we each took a dinghy ride to shore where Kris was awaiting with our luxurious Cadillac. LOL just kidding it was a rental taxi. We made our way one by one to the beach. Little did we know the whole beach was filled with seaweed. We didn’t mind though, the sun was ablaze, surfboards were laid out and the day was young. We all took turns learning how to surf from the pro’s in the mix who had prior experience. As some of us laid out and cooked in the sun other stayed cool under the palm trees and drank their icy drinks. Halfway through the day I slipped away and ventured the empty beach. I stumbled across a hidden pathway where I set down my towel and tanned. I met a friend. My friend wasn’t your typical buddy… it was a tortoise who interrupted me, by ever so slowly crawling towards my face :). I accepted his friend request and named him little dude. After my encounter with my new amigo, I headed back to the group and we were once again on the move back to town. We all took our showers and had free time to each do our own little thing. Mine happened to be going back to a beach, this one was called shell beach. It is beautiful small beach covered in not sand but seashells and the water is clear as the glass on all of these superyachts. I baked in the sun a little more until the rain started and I came back the boat to get ready for dinner. Now, we are all about to have squeeze and walk down to dinner to down a few hamburgers after a busy day in St. Barth.