Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Oh what a day, what lovely day indeed. Many of us were able to wake at a leisurely pace and walk right into a fine breakfast of French toast. After a little bit of post-passage cleaning, we were able to hop in the dingy and head over to the baths, where swimming and cannonballs were aplenty. It was quite the experience getting up to the large boulder that allowed us to jump right into the ocean. The first one had to follow a thin path, then crouch to walk under one boulder leaning on another, then they would find themselves knee-deep in a tide pool in a bright cave. From there, one would crawl up an opening and scale one large rock, slide down that one, and scale another before arriving at what was called the “Jumping Rock”. Pretty self-explanatory. Aiden and I likely jumped the highest number of times out of the lot of us. After a short sail Salt Island, we split off into two groups. One diving (Gabe, Mo, Hannah, and Margaux) all the way to the floor of the shallow waters to explore the wreck of the RMS Rhone, while the others stayed closer to the surface of the ocean while donning snorkels and masks. After we returned back to the boat, we had a fine dinner of sausages and beans. After dinner, we all sang along to Smudge as he played his ukulele. As the night came to an end we began to realize the stark truth that tomorrow will be our last day full of action and quests here at action quest (for most of us at least). We are all sad that it is coming to a close but don’t worry, we’re going to enjoy ourselves to the fullest extent.