Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today started with a relaxing start as our first day full day in the BVI starts, we began with the surprise of a lifetime, getting to sleep in! Then we were greeted with a breakfast of pancakes, and some well-needed boat appreciation proceeded, next we headed on ski boats, Aiden had the biggest wipeout, Mo killed it and went outside the wake, Blake attempted to stand on a kneeboard which turned out to be nearly impossible in the ocean waves, Max did many 360’s on the kneeboard and I got thrown around on some huge waves. Meghan was spending her ski time on the slalom water ski, while Sophie was also water skiing. After we finished skiing we headed to the bight with the rest of the AQ fleet for the night. While the staff were at a meeting and Farah and Hannah cooked a dinner of pesto pasta, it was delicious. For the rest of the night, we are writing cards to each other – we have all found our personal writing spots, with Gabe rocking the hammock while many are just crowding around the table. Then there’s one last Pirates of the Caribbean movie to watch tonight before resting up for the exciting sailing race day tomorrow!