Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We all woke up exhausted from the night before; the dance. Everyone, including me, who had never danced, danced for hours. Even as hot as it was on the dance floor, we all managed to tough it out and chose to accept the sweat that drenched us as a trophy. We started the day off going to Leverick Bay and eating oatmeal while we docked. After breakfast and cleanup, we were able to have some shore time; even though only the grocery store was open, it was nice to be on a surface that wasn’t swaying back and forth. We then had about an hour sail to Cockroach Island, where we dove at the Dogs. After setting up gear, which is everyone’s least favorite part I’m sure, we had about a 40-minute dive.

The dive was a lot of fun. My dive buddy was Raul. We didn’t see much but a few large barracuda. After the dive we had lunch; deli sandwiches with Pringles, a snack that has been a favorite of delicacies among the AQ family for years. After the dive and lunch, I was exhausted and took a well-needed nap while Ivan took the helm and sailed us to Mountain Point. As we reached Mountain Point, the sun was setting, and it was time for dinner. We had Ian over for dinner and then we had probably the longest squeeze of ActionQuest history. My question was, “the one that got away.” Everyone had multiple stories, some hilarious and some teary-eyed; we all shared some emotions and learned a lot more about each other and by the end of this night will be closer to each other, more like a family. Right now, we are showering, cleaning up dinner, and Ethan and Maggie are getting ready for a night dive. Today was an amazing day, and one of the best so far. From the ActionQuest family of the boat Ch-ch-ch-Changes, I bid you a good night!