Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was an incredibly busy day, and yet I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast. We started with a great cereal breakfast, followed by some serious deck-washing (courtesy of Raul, Alora, Ivan, and myself). We then had a thorough review of the rest of the Divemaster Manual knowledge reviews (we’re finally done!) as well as a look-over of our compasses. While some of us took folks from other programs out for dives, the rest of the DMCs donned their gear for a full day of skill checks. Overall, they seemed pretty intense, but we all knocked them right out of the park. Kudos to Raul and Alex for killing that “stress test,” that was too much! Following some skills review, we then waded ashore for our EFR review, including practicing CPR on some very strange mannequins (not to mention log-rolling each other over and over). After that, some of us got stuck on the beach due to a logistics issue, but we were transported back to the boat just in time to get ready for the dance, which I am at now. I sit, burger in hand, ready to kick it on the dance floor. With that, I declare this blog complete.