Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

After being treated to an extra hour of sleep, we took our first DM exam, and everyone passed! One-third of our written exams are DONE! While the crew spent a lovely day in Mountain Point leading confined and advanced dives and snorkels, as well as offering surface support and other assistance, Alora, Ethan, and I made a quick trip to Spanishtown. Arriving back at Mountain Point, we reviewed for and took (and hopefully passed… fingers crossed) our EFR exams. If we all passed, we’re 2/3 of the way through our written exams! Before Master Chef Charter began cooking our dinner, the entire crew got started on a BA to show Changes how much we love her. Now the heads and cabins smell like Clorox, and soft scrub and the deck is as pearly white as the day we arrived. This evening Matt and I are assisting on night dives with the Carinas, while the rest of the crew studies and taken our last DM written exam! It’s been a very eventful, exhausting, and rewarding day.