Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning, a bunch if the shipmates decided to wake up early to try and catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy but it did allow us to get an early start on making delicious pancakes. Our chefs, Hannah and Anika, decided to add Oreos in some of the pancakes. Following breakfast, we cleaned up the boat and played card games while waiting for our amazing staff to return from their meeting. After we set sail from Marina Cay to Mountain Point. Once there, the Rescue students headed over to the other rescue boat, where we had our first of two lectures for the day. This one was the last one that included a video. At the same time, the Neptunes and Dolphins got to hang out on Pure Joy and swim. For lunch, we had chicken salad sandwiches and Josh joined us from the media team. Next came a quick clean up so we could move the boat over to the dive site. The dive site was called the Kraken but the ship was named Kodiak Queen. It is a new wreck, which was just recently sunk and consisted of a sunken ship with an octopus made of chicken wire placed on top. It was really cool to be able to swim through parts of it and to also know that in a few years the octopus will be covered in coral. Once all of us surfaced, we moored over to Muskmelon Bay and had chili and rice for dinner underway. After we arrived, we had a dance battle with the boat that was closest to us. Everyone was having a blast and had huge smiles on their faces. Next, we started clean up while still listening to music and dancing. Following that, the rescue students had another lecture, which was the last of the trip! While we were there, the Neptunes and Dolphins got to go on a night dive on the Sand Highway. They navigated the site themselves and saw tarpon, an octopus and eels. Now that we are all back on the boat, we are about to eat brownies that look and smell amazing, as they are filled with peanut butter and Oreos. Can’t wait to see what the second half of our trip has in store!