Location: Marina Cay

Day 11 at ActionQuest was super cool! We woke up to the “Moana” song and had cereal for breakfast. After we set up our dive gear we sailed to Blonde Rock for a fun dive. It’s once of the best dives so far because we saw 3 sharks and a bunch of lobsters, also fish and other cool stuff. Then we had a long sail to Trellis Bay for shore time. Some of us had a really nice nap on our way there. Trellis Bay was really cool. There was an art shop, food places, and we bought ice cream and Oreos. We then went to Marina Cay and had some nice tortellini and garlic bread for dinner. Then it was our Lifeworks talk with Mike. At dinner, everyone shared their worst fear. Everyone’s FART (favorite part) of the day was the SHARK DIVE!