Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

This morning we woke up pleasantly to the morning CD and prepared a breakfast of eggs and fruit. After clean up, we separated into groups, the Dolphins moved to Luna Kahuna with the Neptunes to dive at Monkey Point. We all saw lots of fish, for example, smooth trunkfish (the king of all fish). While we were diving, the Rescue students were undergoing training and running scenarios to learn how to get an unconscious diver onto a boat or dock. Meanwhile, the Dolphins and Neptunes split up so that the Neptunes could enjoy some nice beach time and the Dolphins could begin dissecting a shark and work on their research projects. Once finished, some of the Dolphins joined the Neptunes on the beach for a while before having to go back to the boat. Soon after, the rescue students joined the rest of the boat to study and talk. Not to long after, Mike gave us a briefing over the radio about tonight’s barbecue. I can’t wait to enjoy some great burgers on the beach!