Location: Travel Day

Wake up time today was rather early; around 6 o’clock and had to be packed and ready downstairs by 6:30 a.m. Maximum to catch our bus! Unfortunately, the bus came a little late, more like 7:20 or something like that! Once all of our luggage was on the bus, we headed towards the airport! In total, we had to go through two buses and a ferry to get to our final destination: the airport! Once there, we got our boarding passes and passports and were ready to go through baggage check and security and board the plane to Quito! There was a ½ hour layover in Guayakil, and then we got back to the hostel in Quito! The rest of the night was chill; went out for dinner which had choices of chicken and french fries or spaghetti with Alfredo and ham! Kelly made a list of essentials for the Amazon, so the rest of the night was devoted to packing and getting ready for the biggest rainforest in the world! Meredith, George, and James gave themselves cleansing facials to get fully ready and clean for the Amazon! Woohoooo!!!