Location: Rio Napo

We woke up in Quito this morning at the sinfully early hour of 6:30 (Which wasn’t that bad since we wake up at 6:30 most days). It was hassle free to get to the airport, and we only had a few minor setbacks checking in due to some computer malfunctions at the airport. The lovely Merideth took our sandwich orders and made sure we all got fed. Our breakfast was delicious, and we were quickly on our way to the Amazon. ` It was a short hop, about 20 minutes or so and then we were in the surprisingly humid Amazon heat. The boat ride from the airport in Coca to the eco-lodge was incredibly beautiful, reminiscent of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Once we were settled in we had lunch and our wonderful guide Hector gave us the run down of our next couple days here. We were then invited to his home, Sumak Alpa where we saw a baby – and a baby monkey! We got to go on an adventurous walk through the Amazon rainforest with our new, beloved rain boots and see first hand the diversity and wonder of the forest. We were all very tired after our walk, and when we got home Mallory, Elliot, Roman, and Josh played Eucher; Mallory and Elliot won. It had been a long, but good day – the food here is delicious!!

Ps. Happy 4th of July!!