Location: Charlotte D.

Our first day was a great one! Our day started with some cereal for breakfast and a talk with Mike (director of AQ) on the dock. We went over all of the things we needed to know and then talked about how life-changing and memorable our trip would be. After that, we left the dock. Before we put up our sails, we learned a few knots and winch safety. We sailed over to White Bay, Peter Island and ate lunch underway. It was really fun getting to sit on our boat’s trampoline while we sailed. Once we got to White Bay, we did the swim test and had to swim around the boat 8 times and tread water for 10 minutes. Next, we got ready to do our check-out dive. On our dive we reviewed some skills like regulator recovery, clearing our masks, etc. When we got to the surface, everybody was super excited to have finished our first dive of the trip! We then had sloppy joes for dinner and tonight we are meeting up with the other boats on dive side to talk about the program. Overall it was a fantastic first day and we’re excited for tomorrow!