Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was a great day! At 6:30 am we received our wake up call with this session’s morning CD. We packed up the hammocks and had bagels and yogurt for breakfast. Amelia wasted no time in getting out of White Bay and on our way to Blue Chromis Reef. Ahead of schedule, we prepared our gear and got in the clear blue water. In my group, Lucy took us on an adventure throughout the reef and taught us some new buoyancy skills. After everyone made their way back on board and disassembled their gear, we relaxed around the boat and ate lunch before setting sail for Savannah Bay. Once there, we fooled around in the water and took our much-needed showers. Our crew just finished a wonderful dinner of alfredo pasta, salad, and hotdogs. It was delicious! As I’m writing this, cleanup is being finished, and we are going to go on the bow for a game of mafia. I can’t wait! I’m excited for a new day tomorrow!