Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

This morning we all gathered in the cockpit to eat homemade spice bread, and then we quickly picked up anchor to head back to our starting place, where we were a long but amazing 18 days ago in Civitavecchia. Everyone chipped in to raise the sails and hoped that the wind would eventually pick up for our last sail of the trip. At first, there was not much wind at all, but luckily towards the end, it started picking up, and we were going at a speed of five knots. It was quite exciting to finally have the engine turned off and to have a very peaceful sail. As we got closer and closer to Civitavecchia, we started recognizing some areas that we saw while underway on our first sail of the trip. I think this made us realize how fast it flew by. We also said goodbye to one of our shipmates because he was leaving a bit early for another sailing expedition; which made us realize that this trip will be over very very soon. After docking in Civitavecchia, it was time to give back to Argo and do a Boat Appreciation (or BA). This is when groups are chosen to do a few certain jobs to make Argo look prettier, and to get things tidied up for the next group of kids coming onto the boat. We successfully put the tarp up, put all the sail covers on, cleaned the entire deck, cleaned the hull, cleaned the galley, and cleaned the saloon. Fortunately, no one fell into the water this time cleaning the side of the boat. All of us equally worked hard, and we were hoping that this BA day would be effective enough that we would have more shore time in Rome. I would say we deserved it. After all of this was completed, we mustered in the cockpit for dinner, which tonight was spag bowl. Tonight we will have one of our final squeeze questions of the trip, and probably all hang out together and talk about the memories that were made. We’re not sad yet, though, because we have an early morning wake up to take the train to Rome, which is one of the most exciting places we will go to on the trip. We have an optional choice to visit Vatican City, which I hope will be a short line to get into. Never the less, Rome will be an amazing place to explore, and we’re all psyched.