Location: Porto Ercole, Italy

For some of us, this day started pretty early. We woke up at 5:30- the last anchor watch was still on- and got ready to hike up Mount Mar di Capanna, an over 1000 foot tall mountain on Elba. Our goal was it to reach the giant cross on the summit. The hike began as a nice little walk around the island but soon transformed into a climb up the rocky path of the mountain. More than one stone fell, we slid and slipped, but we eventually made it there without any injuries (except for Ryan’s self-esteem maybe, as he was complaining more than the girls did). Even though all of us were soaked in sweat, we could still enjoy the amazing view of the ocean and the island. After locating Argo, we started an echo screaming contest; which probably ended in waking up half the Island at 8 am. We treated ourselves for the workout with Nutella and Cream Croissants. Back on Argo we got another breakfast and jumped into the refreshingly chilly sea, just in time for Watch team 2 to take charge of the boat and motor us out of Elba and in the direction of the mainland. Meanwhile, Watch team 1 had the chance to catch up with some sleep. Others helped and watched Becca cook her delicious vegetarian lunch: homemade Hummus for everyone. The funny parts about the cooking were her dance performances and her singing skills that are hard to describe. After lunch and a swop of watch teams, some brave students took their ICC Exam with Faloon while others continued napping happily in the sun. Around 3 pm we got called up back on deck to take a look at the shipwreck of the Costa Concordia. It was oddly funny seeing a ship that size lying flat sided in the water in front of a beautiful old fishing port, having sailing boats and motor yachts going around it. As there was not enough wind to sail, we would fall into the motor rather than a sailing yacht category, but it was still nice to watch the coast of the Italian islands go by. Watch team 2 got us safely past numerous fishing traps and boat traffic into Porto Ercole, a little port just up the Italian coast. We enjoyed some shore time there and stuffed ourselves with Gelato and pastry- again. After being ferried back to Argo, we set the anchor and had some honey mustard chicken that managed to even tempt some of the vegetarians- sadly without any major success. After finishing cleanups, we will have time for a quick sea shower and then start to do a Lifeworks forum with Jim. It is an odd feeling knowing that tomorrow morning, we will do our last passage on this trip: 30 sea miles south along the coast until Civitavecchia. We are all excited to see Rome but sad at the same time as our time together has almost come to an end.