Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

This morning was a very slow start as if our adventure was a giant boulder that took much effort to push over a steep hill. Once this boulder got rolling, it was nonstop to its termination back at Argo. Sleeping in our bunks, we were all supposed to wake up at 5:30, but it wasn’t until 6:00 that everyone was awake. We ate cereal for breakfast to catch a train at 7:00 from Civitavecchia to Rome. The train ride took about an hour and fifteen minutes. Many slept in the very unfitting chairs, which resulted in neck pain after. Crewman Dave thought it humorous to take pictures of all the loosely hung head among limp necks. We got to the station and quickly started our journey through Roma. Our first stop was the Coliseum; having an amazing history, it was interesting to the whole group. Next stop was the Palatino, connected to it was the ruins of the Roman Senate and Forum. Then we stopped at Caesar’s tomb. After that we stopped on the outside of Mussolini Birthday Cake; a giant facade building with some exhibits inside. Then we stopped for lunch. Three others and I went on an expedition to find the best Gelato. Next up was the Vatican. The Vatican was beautiful and rich with history; even the catacombs were open. Then it was back to Rome to see the Trevi Fountain and take a break at the Spanish steps. Now as I write we finish our jobs around Argo and prepare for bed, for tomorrow we do Boat Appreciation and then its shore time!