Location: West End, Tortola

We woke up to the familiar sound of the morning playlist and everyone began to get ready for the day all the skippers from all the monohulls dinghied over to Mikes boat for the skipper’s meeting before todays race. We ended up getting number 5 for the starting line-up, perfect in the middle of the 9 boats. We lined up between Water Point and Pelican Island and unfurled our jibs when we heard the countdown that signaled the beginning of the race. We didn’t realize that we had a knot in the furling line and fell slightly behind as we untangled it. After we unfurled it, we quickly gained speed and raced ahead of several boats in front of us. We continued on, constantly having to fight the weather helm to stay on our course. After about one hour, Gwen called tack. Everyone sitting on the high side moved into the cockpit and we prepared to tack around the channel markers near Road Town. We continued on towards Great Harbor, still fighting the weather helm, and finished in 5th place. We then took down the sails and motored towards West End while we all cleaned down below. We docked and scrubbed the whole deck of the boat and were then released for shore time. Even though everyone is sad to leave, we still had fun racing and cleaning. Overall, it was a great last day at sea.