Location: West End, Tortola

The staff of Curls can’t believe it’s already day 21-this session has flown by! Fifteen previous strangers are now one happy family. We’ve sailed, danced, dove, and sang around the BVI. We’ve shared so many laughs, so many stories, and so many smiles!! Max has lead anchor team 15 times, Ava and Grace have sung approximately 25 Taylor Swift songs, and Fernando has wowed the crew with his salsa dance moves time and time again! We are so proud of all of Curls for their scuba and sail progress, but especially the growth we’ve had as a team. Each member of the crew has stepped up since day 1. On day 17 Diego, Laini and Fernando led the beginning sailors in successful man overboard drills. Morgan, Bella, and Michael were on the helm as Clay was on the boat hook ready to retrieve Frank the Fender. Ben was in control of the main sheet as we broke the crew into three groups to retrieve Frank time and time again! These drills went much smoother than our initial water bottle and hat overboard practice runs from the first week of the program- so proud!! As a whole, the group has come together to form a tight-knit working crew. Diego is our resident DJ; he brought an iPod from home with a very diverse music collection. We have sing-alongs every day thanks to him! Since day one, AQ-returner, Soleh has been the one to step up and show her shipmates the AQ way- we’d be lost with her! All in all, it’s been a phenomenal session, and we are sad to see it come to an end. Curls will always be our home.