Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we awoke to the echoing murmur of the oh so familiar morning playlist. We then proceeded to make pancakes. When I say pancakes, you think of the simple golden brown circles you enjoyed as a kid we decided to put a little spin on that tradition. The boys decided to take over the kitchen and make pink lemonade pancakes, brownie pancakes, Arnold Palmer pancakes, coffee pancakes, peanut butter pancakes, and honey pancakes. Then they declared themselves the Pancake Kings. Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed a relaxed swim time. Today was our last time to enjoy all of the scenic views the BVI hold. We also ventured out to Road Town, the BVI capital, for some quality food and delicious ice cream. To finish off our day we anchored in a place called The Bight, where we spent our first night at sea. It’s a bittersweet feeling being back at The Bight because we realize how little time we truly have let together. Hopefully, I speak for all when I say this summer is an unforgettable one.