Location: Great Harbour Peter

Watch teams three and two successfully brought Annie Daydreaming back into the BVI this morning. After 14 hours of being underway, it was amazing to finally see Virgin Gorda and the Baths. We got to the Baths around 6:30 and moored in preparation for the day ahead of us. After a quick post-watch boat appreciation, we had a well-deserved sleep-in for a couple hours until breakfast was served. After breakfast, we hung around the boat while Kris cleared us through customs to (finally) be back in the BVI. We headed to the Baths with Beer Chaser for rock climbing, jumping and swimming. After an adventurous morning, we motored over to Great Harbor Peter where we would soon regroup with all of the ActionQuest fleets. We had a pretty chill afternoon with snorkeling, swimming and then some water sports right before dinner. After only being with Beer Chaser for the past two weeks, it’s strange to be back with all the fleet and with so many other people. date: Jul 25, 2017