Location: Great Harbor, Peter

Another day in paradise. It started with a wake up call at 6:45 am by the hilarious song of “Yay Toast!” It is an impossibly annoying song that somehow wakes up cranky teenagers and makes us laugh. Yes, parents and all loved ones, your teenagers were not only awake at 6:45 but were responsive. Anyway, the cooks today did a wonderful job starting with great french toast. After a long clean up we set off to the Kissing Wrecks. The sail was beautiful but some of us could not enjoy it because our research projects are due today. Yay for procrastination! We all took a break for our first dive of the day. We were all very proud of Hanna today because for the first time she navigated us back to the boat without getting horribly lost. Hanna and I did a ballroom dance underwater to celebrate. Everyone enjoyed the dive. Our second dive took us to the actual kissing wrecks which are two boats very close together. Apparently they were purposely sunk together. It was 80 feet deep and another great dive. The rest of the day was filled with sailing, sunbathing, and research projects. As the doom of presenting approaches I can’t help think “its just another day in paradise.”