Location: Great Harbor, Peter

The beginning of our third to last day here in the British Virgin Islands consisted of an average morning aboard our boat. After a delicious french toast breakfast, we pulled up anchors and set course for Wreck Alley. Unfortunately, there was very little wind on the sea today, so we were unable to raise the sails. Fortunately, this made diving conditions very good for the wreck dives we took today. Both of these awesome dives were on the same wreck-an overturned barge and tugboat. On the second dive, we penetrated the tugboat and viewed all of its cool features. When we arrived back in Great Harbor, we had a few laughs after we anchored. Benji had a great time catching a seagull in the dinghy where he covered himself in towels and bread and waited for a seagull to land on him-the only way to catch a seagull. Also, Chiara decided to take a nap in the dinghy in which we set loose with only a fishing line to keep her from floating too far away. We also had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of the Chefs. All in all a great day.