Location: Great Harbor, Peter

We started our day at GHP (Great Harbor, Peter Island) and we sailed to Salt Island where we dove the RMS Rhone. We visited the bow, midships, and the stern. We did swim throughs in the bow and around the propeller in the stern. Salad McGhetto, Leil Katz, and I saw two eels (Sam’s group saw a spotted eagle ray). Then we sailed over to Cooper Island where we ate super delicioso deli sandwiches. We loafed for a bit, digesting our meal, and then went to dive the kissing wrecks, tug boat and barge, and ray cleaning station. It was amazing and Sam filmed us all with the rays that visited the station. We packed up and sailed back to GHP, where we had some slight anchor problems which were easily solved by Sam and Master Tri-Wizard aka Marina. We had our second scenario which we Pandas rocked with our socks off. Meghann and Nick played the part of unresponsive divers. For our next scenario the only thing we need to work on are our oxygen procedures, remembering to use two man CPR, and of course, BUENAS! Then we had Thanksgiving in the summer time which was prepared by our chefs, Salad and TJ, while Matt, Jero, Ryan, and Nathan did a full boat deckie. We had an emotional squeeze and there were some shenanigans while dishying. After dinner there was also the discovery of “the Thing” which was accomplished while not studying for our final rescue exam. That test takes place in 20 minutes. Thanks to McGhetto for the punniest blog title in the land and to Sam for the best french toast breakfast. Love and conditioner always, Eleni.