Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was definitely the best sailing day for the Salsa crew. We successfully jibed three times in the matter of one sail trip. We started the morning by eating the delicious French toast and oranges prepared by the amazing chefs Emma and Kaylee. After breakfast, the crew powered through a test about scuba diving. Once the test was over Jessie took the helm and led us through a small storm. Sophie flaked the mainsail by climbing high on a ladder. Ben, Max, Mia, and Emma took the helm for the first time on the trip. After lunch Smudge had a wonderful idea of playing musical showers- everyone had 30 seconds of fresh water to shower. After showers, we sailed to Leverick Bay and Ginger winched like a beast. Once on the bay, Dylan and Kara raided the grocery store along with McKenna. (Editor’s Note: Salsa spent the evening at a BBQ/dance with the rest of the fleet).