Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We had hit the day off with a killer batch of oatmeal, arranged by our chefs Ben and Sophie. While enjoying it, we set sail at 7 AM for the north sound of Virgin Gorda. Upon arrival, we jumped right into another rotation day. We started out with Zesting and windsurfing. Dylan and McKenna turned themselves into pro Zesters, while Jessie learned the tricks of it from Mia. After that Charlotte led us on an exciting snorkeling trip amongst the mangrove nursery. While exploring the area, we found ourselves completely surrounded by jellyfish, which I found quite nerve-racking. In order to finish our jelly filled snorkel adventure, we had to perform a method called skin diving, which is holding your breath with while swimming for 15 feet underwater. Kaylee rocked it and showed us all up. After working up quite the appetite, we went back to the boat for another delicious meal of PB&J and deli sandwiches. The afternoon started with the presentation about coral on Blue Tide. To finish it off, the crew of Salsa took on wakeboarding and kneeboarding. Max took quite an elegant fall while posing for the camera. After quick saltwater showers, we set sail for Mountain Point for the night. During the sail, Kara took the helm while Ginger took on Smudge and a coiling competition. The rest of the night included a delicious meal of tacos and a heroic save on Mia’s part during dishwashing. To finish it off Claire whipped up a mean batch of brownies and cookies. Overall it was quite an eventful day!