Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started off with some nice music to wake us up and some cereal, which is always a great breakfast. Today was the day learning how to make Turk’s Head, a woven bracelet made out of rope. Mia was really good at making them and helped out a lot of people, including Kaylee, who caught on and made a super cool bracelet. After bracelet making, we got to go scuba diving again! We were still doing confined dives, but this time we started from a boat rather than land, which was cool. During the dive, Sophie did really well with all the skills, including hovering above the ground and taking her BCD off underwater. While people were diving, Ben finished early so he started ascending and descending into the water trying to scare people. After diving, we all went back to the boat and our wonderful chefs Ginger and Dylan whipped up some good soup, with a lot of help from Matt so shout out to him! After lunch, it was time to wakeboard and kneeboard. On the wakeboard, Kara absolutely killed it and was so awesome to watch, and on the kneeboard, McKenna did a 360 which was so impressive. Emma also wakeboarded and despite some pretty funny wipeouts; she was super persistent and wound up getting on her board and shredding it. Following our fun watersport adventures, Smudge and Claire gave all of us a sailing lesson, which may sound boring, but it was actually super fun… because the lesson ended with a very intense game. During the game, Jessie sprinted and jumped into the forecastle and one an epic point for her team. When the day was done, we ate cheddar broccoli pasta and biscuits for dinner and Jake came to eat with us. Dinner ended with some hot sauce with Charlotte absolutely loves and sunset pictures.