Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was one for the books! Our day began with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and bananas which were prepared generously by Ethan and Heather. This task was especially challenging as Ethan seemed to touch his hand every 10 seconds on the hot pan. After we had eaten, we set off on a relaxing sail to Mountain point where we had an amazing dive on the wreck of the Kodiak Queen where the Neptunes practiced mapping dive sites and the Dolphins counted as many fish as they could see. This dive was a special one for Chrissy as she was stung by a jellyfish and was just peachy about that, however she was ok! The afternoon consisted of jumping off the boat doing the silly salmon, a sail to Muskmelon Bay and dinner of chili and rice which was so easy for Ethan to make with a pot that leaked as fast as the Titanic. The day wrapped up with our final night dive. Hopefully, tomorrow will be just as fun!