Location: Marina Cay

We were awoken by a shrill screeching this morning. I started out of my hammock, sleep confusing my thoughts. Could someone have fallen in the water? Out of their hammock? I turned my head towards the piercing noise, emanating from the direction of the dingy. I was greeted by another ear-splitting cry and saw…a seagull. Vowing that I’d get that thing if it was the last thing I’d do, I exited my hammock and prepared for the day. After a quick breakfast of cereal, we moved across the anchorage to go dive. After preparing our gear we Dolphins got a quick briefing on what we were going to do. As part of the preparation for a research project, we went down to practice some benthic surveys, a method of observing organisms effectively while doing research diving. The two we did were the “quadrant” (a square) and “point-intercept” (line). The Neptunes had their deep dive for their advanced and are now qualified as advanced divers!